Appwrite gives your project a better starting point by abstracting most of you common backend tasks behind a simple to use REST API.

We need to do things differently, and that’s why we created Appwrite. Appwrite is an open-source backend server that aims to abstract the complexity behind repeating software development tasks.

Appwrite gives your project a better starting point by abstracting most of you common backend tasks behind a simple to use REST API.

Appwrite provides software developers with APIs and SDKs to quickly implement functions that are repetitive across their projects like user authentication, file management, localization, database management, and more.

Appwrite also provides teams with tools like Appwrite Webhooks and Appwrite Background Tasks to allow maximum flexibility and customization to match each and each product and different scenarios different teams might face.

Creating an abstraction layer between complex function and developers. Appwrite

Appwrite comes with built-in and centralized security and is agnostic to the technologies or frameworks developers use to build their apps. Appwrite hides the unnecessary complexity required to make a fast and secure application, allowing teams to create high-end products, quickly and without compromising, features, security, or quality.

By giving software projects a better starting point, we aim to provide software developers with more time to innovate, tackle new problems, and create better products. There is no reason we, as an industry, will keep on struggling with the same old challenges while we can leverage open-source to share solutions and build better and more secure tools or services.

Serverless is great, but it can’t work for every project. Appwrite can replace your backend servers or work alongside them.

It was vital for us to leave the power and the flexibility in the developer’s hands. It’s up for them to decide how they want to set their architecture

It’s important to understand that unlike other serverless solutions, Appwrite does not aim to magically replace backend servers. Instead, it attempts to give new projects a better starting point. Appwrite allows developers to replace or extend their existing backend server functionality by using tools like webhooks and background functions.

You can use Appwrite as a standalone API directly against your client app or together with your own backend servers. Appwrite is unopinionated about the way the developer wishes to use it. We give you the tools to make any decision you want about your app, technology stack, or integrations.

Appwrite dashboard allows developers to monitor and manage their backend activity

What’s Next?

Using Appwrite as a code abstraction layer, we hope to give developers and small to big organizations more time to focus on their products and create more room for innovation. We, as a software industry, should always try and improve, and we hope Appwrite is another step in that direction.

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You can learn more about Appwrite features, API, and integration by visiting Appwrite official website or Github repository. You can also follow Appwrite news and announcements on our Twitter or Facebook accounts.