Free Images and Photos


PSDHunter is a relatively new website that indexes major popular PSD websites and provides an easy way to search through all of them at once. This makes it a fast and efficient way to find easily modifiable images for your blog posts.


I think that every blogger knows about this amazing websites where there are stored more than 400,000 pictures. It’s true that the images aren’t always the best shots or the resolution isn’t high but once again, it is for free and anyone is welcomed to add his own pictures.


The same as the previous example, the images may be used free but some of them need the approval of the owner. Always check the license to make sure you can use their work. Flick is a magnificent source of images and any blogger must take into account this website in his never-ending search for the best images. A possibly less known section is the Creative Commons on Flickr, where all of the images listed can be used as long as the original creator is credited.


The purpose of the website isn’t to store images for blog posts but the unlimited number of pictures makes any blogger check it frequently. Navigating to the appropriate category and then searching is useful in narrowing down the results, as the impressive number of results can be confusing.


This website impresses by the accuracy of the search details. The images are catalogued to various categories and it’s pretty simple to find the needed images.


This website informs the visitors that around 29,000 pictures are available for download. It is useful because they also have a cool blog, full of interesting and inspirational posts and a good selection of tutorials that can also teach you on how to touch up and modify the photos to suite your needs.


Openphoto has a great number of photos, but their quality is the determinant factor in selecting it in this list and why not, to convince you to bookmark the website.

Historical Stock Photos

This website is more targeted towards old historical photos and as such it is addressed to a specific public. This might be rarely required, but it’s always good to know where to find them in case you need something similar.


This website looks a bit old because of their design, but just give it a try – their results are sometimes impressive.


This is an aggregator where the user can find images from other various websites, it’s quite useful, and it’s similar to a complete search in the all above resources.


Dreamstime is the website that could be added in both categories, free and paid. Some images from here may be downloaded with no payment while for others you need to buy credits; anyway the quality is high and it’s definitely worth checking.